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IFXBIT is a platform for trading cryptocurrencies

Anyone can sign up with IFXBIT and get access to the cryptocurrency market and other financial markets in one account. IFXBIT is a reliable modern platform that allows traders to benefit from fluctuations in cryptocurrencies quotes.

The main purpose of an account with IFXBIT is investing in cryptocurrencies. Owners of IFXBIT accounts get access to cutting-edge technological solutions accompanied by safety of using the services of a project backed up by one of the leading financial groups. What is more, IFXBIT provides analytical data, traders’ community and many other benefits one would be looking for when investing their time and money into cryptocurrencies.

What cannot be done through IFXBIT

IFXBIT cannot be generally used for one-time transactions where a customer uses his or her account merely for buying or selling cryptocurrency with the intention of withdrawing money right after such a transaction. IFXBIT accounts are not intended for non-investment operations the purpose of which is to merely exchange fiat money into cryptocurrency or backwards without the intention of long-term trading and benefiting from price changes.

One-time transactions pose significant risks and do not match the purposes of IFXBIT accounts which are created as a means of speculative trading and investing money into cryptocurrencies. The general approach for deposit and withdrawal transactions on an IFXBIT account is that the deposit method should match the withdrawal method, i.e. if a customer makes a deposit via one payment system, the withdrawal should go through the same payment system.


While IFXBIT accounts are not generally intended for one-time transactions on purchasing cryptocurrencies for fiat money or withdrawal cryptocurrencies into fiat money (including conventional e-money), it does not mean that customers of IFXBIT can never enjoy owning physical cryptocurrencies or selling those for fiat money. Every trading account is considered individually and, as long as it is maintained for investment purposes and is used for active trading, IFXBIT, to the extent of reasonable limits, allows occasional withdrawals by a method different from the initial deposit method, requesting, where necessary, supporting documentation.

If you have a question or intention to perform an occasional transaction, you need to contact the customer support service describing the type of transaction you want to perform and the reason for that.