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IFXBIT cryptocurrency exchange - bank-level security

Protection of funds and customers’ technical data is the top priority of the IFXBIT cryptocurrency exchange. Our team of highly trained security professionals takes all necessary measures to prevent theft of funds and information. Apart from that, the majority of technologies used in the Insta financial group have bank-level security.

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SMS protection to provide bank-level security

Instant notification

Link your mobile number to the trading account and receive notifications to your phone about any attempts to withdraw money from your account.

Two-factor authentication

Safer than password

Select an option which will request an additional PIN code providing enhanced protection against hacking

HTTPS/SSL protection technology

Advanced encryption

You do not have to worry about the security of your passwords and data since the innovative encryption system ensures a high level of protection against hackers.

How to protect your account and trading.
Tips from IFXBIT
Protect your personal device. Install antivirus software and update antivirus databases frequently as viruses and malware often pass confidential information to third parties.
Before entering a username and a password, check the domain address. Many phishing websites disguise actual domain addresses in the fraudulent attempt to obtain your personal information.
Two-factor authentication can help protect your account from hacking by means of SMS or Google Authenticator. Make sure you activate two-factor authentication. If you have suspicion that somebody knows your password, you can change it yourself or contact IFXBIT customer service.
Use a unique email address and a user account password. Turn to a password manager in order to create a complex and reliable password.
Never open untrusted files you receive via email. Do not follow suspicious links in your mailing.
Do not send or give your personal information to anyone, including IFXBIT employees. Our team never asks traders to provide passwords or codes of their trading accounts.
Following these simple rules, you will protect yourself from the most common types of fraud. The IFXBIT security system will take care of the rest.
Our team of world-class experts works around the clock to protect your investments and personal data from attacks of any complexity.