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Trading LTC / USD (litecoin to dollar)

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Bitcoin Cash

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer digital asset. Its distinctive feature is the opportunity to make almost zero-cost payments anywhere in the world. In comparison with Bitcoin, Litecoin provides almost instant confirmation of transactions by generating blocks. In the LTC network, it occurs every 2.5 minutes - four times faster than Bitcoin. Algorithm for hashing Litecoin is called script.

The global payment network Litecoin has an open source code. It is fully decentralized. Litcoin attracts investors around the world with its fast confirmation of transactions and high efficiency of funds storage as well as promising prospects.

The Litecoin exchange rate currently varies from $134.72 to $134.19. If you want to buy Litecoin, look for the current range of its price.

Litcoin is quite stable against the US dollar according to the current charts. Versus USD, LTC may reach 2.2351%. The difference between the opening rate and the closing rate of Litecoin can advance to $3.08 at the end of a trading session. It is likely if by the beginning of the trading session Litcoin was $134.80 and by its close it fell to $134.72. The maximum exchange rate of LTC/USD recently stood at $139.65, and the minimum at $134.19.

43.9 USD
$0.07 (0 %)
Day`s High $61.19
Day`s Low $61.04
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BTC 12.09.2019 - Consolidaiton mode active, potential for upside move